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Kotoba is a web-application developed by Ward W. Vuillemot designed to allow users learn languages through the studying of lists.


Kotoba presently supports N-to-N dictionary where N is any number of human languages including (but not limited to) English, 日本語, Francais, Deutsch, _et cetera_.

A major goal of this project is to make the creation and sharing of vocabulary lists easy. The typical process includes students looking up words of interest in a dictionary, writing them down on note-cards, and then begin to study them. There is certainly value in this endeavor; however, it equally can be said that this time is better spent studying. And so enters Kotoba.

Additionally, it is difficult for a person to remain impartial about the progress of their learning. Any person, left to their druthers, will tend to focus on their strengths and compensate for their weaknesses. While this a valuable strategy while trying to practice a language "in the wild", it is not particular good while studying. Kotoba provides that objective, impartial direction of your studying by continually introducing words that challenge us.


The following diagrams are auto-generated from the source-code. The images are in .SVG format; not all browers are compatible.